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Romantic Berry Honey Moon
Romantic Berry Honey Moon


北海道の特産物であるハスカップの花言葉は「愛の契り」で、英名は「Honey Berry」です。

「RomanticBerry Honey Moon(ハネムーン)」は、七夕にちなんで織姫(ベガ)と彦星(アルタイル)の切なくロマンティックな物語をモチーフにデザインしたジンリキュールです。
心に炎が宿るような「火の帆 - HONOHO - 」の力強さをそのままに、女性も飲みやすい軽やかな仕上がりになりました。

July 7th, known for the Tanabata legend, is Haskap Day.

The flower language of the haskap, a specialty of Hokkaido, is "pledge of love," and its English name is "Honey Berry."

"RomanticBerry Honey Moon" is a gin liqueur designed with a motif inspired by the poignant and romantic story of Orihime (Vega) and Hikoboshi (Altair) from the Tanabata legend. The fragrance of Haskap delicately scents the top notes, leading into a botanical world centered around the deep orange aroma of "Akaezomatsu," which the Ainu people called the goddess of the forest. The botanicals used are carefully selected from around the world. This spirit blends the strong vitality of the local forests, gathered by walking through the wild, sea-breeze-swept hills of Shakotan, with plants lovingly cultivated in a garden tilled by horses. Retaining the powerful essence of "HONOHO - Fire Sail," it has been crafted into a lighter finish that is also appealing to women.



Atsuma & Shakotan



When Haskap from Atsuma Town met craft gin from Shakotan Town, Haskap Gin Liqueur was born.


Atsuma Town is conveniently located just a 35-minute drive from New Chitose Airport and about 70 minutes from Sapporo, offering the perfect balance of countryside charm. With a long history of rice cultivation in Hokkaido, Atsuma also boasts Japan's finest Haskap berries. Facing the Pacific Ocean, the area draws tens of thousands of surfers annually and engages in diverse forestry activities, including horse logging, in its mountains. In this small town, surrounded by the serene landscapes crafted by its varied nature, local and progressive challenges continue.


Shakotan Town, which has been engaging in fishing and hunting in the Sea of Japan since ancient times, is a scenic area known for its strange rocks and steep cliffs, thriving on herring fishing until the Taisho era. The area, with its historical bunkhouses from the Meiji era and its bountiful seafood, is especially famous as a source of sea urchin. The rich, untouched natural beauty and magnificent views of Shakotan offer endless possibilities for both sea and mountain adventures.


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Romantic Berry Honey Moon

HONEYMOON / 小寺 聖夏 seina kotera


厚真町出身のシンガーソングライター・小寺 聖夏(seina kotera)による

ハスカップジンリキュールRomanticBerry Honey Moonのために書き下ろした楽曲。



A song written for the Haskap Gin Liqueur "RomanticBerry Honey Moon" by Seina Kotera, a singer-songwriter from Atsuma Town.

The language of flowers for Haskap, which produces one fruit from two flowers, is "Vow of Love."

Just as Orihime and Hikoboshi meet on Tanabata, the Haskap Day on July 7th...

Please listen to it on a day that's special to you.

Romantic Berry Honey Moon
Romantic Berry Honey Moon


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